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Shenzhou spirit: I have no people, I have gifted; light look
at the interests of Yuanwang market
  Jiangyin City Shenzhou Network Transmission Limited chain in the Jiangyin Yangtze River Delta city. Located known as "the one in charge of the village" was the Huaxi Oscar Zhouzhuang. Ancient civilization Zhouzhuang is a set of convenient transport, economic development, environmental beautiful Jiangnan industrial center.

  This is a professional production of the new network chain modern enterprise. Shenzhou people with advanced equipment, superb technical, the strict scientific management, good reputation services in the community. Shenzhou products widely used in industries, is the transmission of the transmission link, modernized production is an indispensable and important component. Shenzhou products in the food and beverages, wood sheet, chemical pharmaceuticals, cleaning spray used in the industry, has been well received, some products have reached the international level, to fill the gap in our country.  

  Shenzhou people to create the future together with you, sincerely welcome you to Shenzhou!

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